72 Cells Complete Rover automatic Watering system

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72 Cells Complete Rover Automatic Watering system for 24 Batteries
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<p><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: small;">The Rover Watering System is specifically designed for batteries commonly used in Solar PV System Installations, golf cars, RVs and pallet jacks. Rover battery watering system works by replacing the battery's existing vent caps with bayonet caps that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each bayonet cap independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached, allowing the batteries to be filled perfectly every time without having to look at the batteries.</span></p> <p>Components:&nbsp;</p> <p>- 5 Gallon Bottle with Water&nbsp;</p> <p>-Cat 5 Cable&nbsp;</p> <p>-Bayonet Caps&nbsp;</p> <p>-Floats</p> <p>-Tubes&nbsp;</p> <p>-Male Coupler</p> <p>-Female Coupler&nbsp;</p> <p>-12VDC Submersible Pump&nbsp;</p> <p>-12VDC Timer&nbsp;</p>


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