Bogart Engineering TM2030A

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Bogart Engineering TM2030A
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Bogart Engineering TM2030A

The TM 2030 is intended to help maintain battery systems for 12V to 48V deep cycle batteries, such as ones found in RV's or off grid homes, which are regularly charged and discharged. It measures the rate of energy going in or out of your batteries so you can check your charging systems and see how much energy each of your appliances use.


The main difference between this model and the older TM-2025-A is that the TM-2030-A is capable of working in tandem with the new Bogart Engineering SC-2030 PWM solar charge controller. When the two units are used together, it increases the performance of the charge controller and can adjust the output to a level that is better suited to your batteries current state of charge.



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