Conext 6848 Pro Schneider Inverter 6800W

Schneider Electric
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Conext 6848 Pro Schneider Inverter 6800W 48 VDC
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Conext 6848 Pro Schneider Inverter 6800W

Schneider's XW Pro is the ideal hybrid inverter to help protect your home's power supply when the grid goes down. 


-It allows you to save on energy costs with utility time of use functionality, as well as demand charge optimization. 

-The XW Pro solar hybrid inverter connects the solar on your roof to backup energy storage, so that you can have security and peace of mind when the power goes out. 

-It can even be used for backup power systems without using solar. 



  • Input Voltage DC: 48V
  • Output Voltage AC: 120/240 VAC/ 50/60Hz
  • Watts: 6800W

  • Item Code: XW6848 Pro

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