Fullriver DC115-12 Deep Cycle AGM Battery/ Sealed

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Fullriver DC115-12 Deep Cycle Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery is a sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery.
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Fullriver DC115-12 Deep Cycle AGM Battery/ Sealed

When it comes to Deep Cycle batteries, every single detail matters. The plate chemistry, construction and craftsmanship all have to be in sync to get the longest life in the most demanding applications.


-Fullriver DC series batteries use more lead and heavier plates creating more reserve capacity and maximum life cycles.

-Long Lifespan and Fast Charging

-Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries typically last longer than their wet cell counterparts due to 99.994% pure virgin lead, thick lead plates, with no maintenance needed.

-Stronger build with Outstanding Warranty. It is a true High-Durability battery.

-Fullriver DC Series AGM is constructed with thick, pure lead plates, and Over-The-Partition welds to greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock.

-Flexible Installation and Easy Transportation - AGM batteries can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing them to fit places traditional wet cell batteries cannot.

- 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM. 

-Maintenance Free Battery.


  • Battery Type: AGM
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Battery amp Hours: 115AH
  • Battery Storage kWh: 1.38kWh

  • Item Code: DC115-12

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