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Used OutBack Charge Controller FLEXmax 60 A, The Outback Power FLEXmax line of charge controllers stand out among their competition as one of the very best and most versatile controllers available
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OutBack Charge Controller FLEXmax 60 - FM60 60A

OutBack’s advanced MPPT algorithm delivers as much as 30% more power to your batteries vs standard PWM controllers and other types of chargers.


-The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) allows the unit to determine the best combination of voltage and current to maximize the amount of power it can send to your batteries.

-In addition to increased power and efficiency, this also allows you to design a more efficient solar array that takes advantage of a higher voltage than your battery system voltage.

-The FM60 can handle up to 150 Volts DC from the solar array, which is stepped down to the battery bank voltage.


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