Schneider Conext SW+ 4048 3400W Inverter System 120/240

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Schneider Conext SW+ 3400W Inverter System 120/240V(Ac Power) 48 VDC
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Schneider Conext SW+ 4048  3400W Inverter System 120/240

This off-grid or battery backup inverter will deliver 3,400 watts of pure sinewave power at 120/240Vac making it great for homes or cabins. Schneiders line of SW inverters have built-in chargers to keep your battery bank charged from a generator or other AC power source. 


- Capable of remote monitorinf and configuration

-Includes a battery temperature sensor (BTS)

-Built in battery charger

-100% pure sine wave

- Easy to install


  • Input Voltage DC: 48V
  • Output Voltage AC: 120/240 VAC/ 50/60Hz
  • Watts: 4000W

  • Item Code: SW4048

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