Surrette Rolls S6-L16-HC 445AH 6VDC Flooded Battery

Surrette Rolls
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The new Surrette Rolls S6 L16 HC (formerly S-550) is an improved 6-Volt deep cycle battery with 445 Amp Hour capacity at 20 hour rate. It features thick, positive plates and large liquid reserve for high cycles. The container is built with a lightweight and strong container with integrated rope handles.
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Surrette Rolls S6-L16-HC 445AH 6VDC Flooded Battery

Rolls Surrette has built a solid reputation over the years as one of the best, if not THE best, sources of deep-cycle batteries for renewable energy systems. Their batteries feature a high cycle life with thick positive battery plates and a large liquid reserve.


-Surrette batteries are known for their unsurpassed reliability.

-6 Volt Deep Cycle Flooded Lead- Acid Battery

-The 4000-series batteries are designed specifically for renewable energy applications

-Comes with a solid 3 year full replacement warranty.

-With good battery care many get 10 to 12 years of service out of these batteries.

- Rope handle for easy Carrying 


  • Battery Type: Flooded
  • Battery Voltage: 6V
  • Battery amp Hours: 445AH
  • Battery Storage kWh: 2.67kWh

  • Item Code: S6-L16-HC

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