Rolls (6FS235) 235AH @ 20Hr

Rolls (6FS235) 235AH @ 20Hr

Surrette Rolls 230AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Surrette Rolls 230AH 12V Absorbed Glass Mat Deep Cycle Battery by Rolls (Surrette Battery of Canada). Rolls by Surrette's sealed AGM batteries feature a high cycle life without the need for maintenance.

Surrette Rolls (S290) Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

Rolls S6-GC2-HC(Formerly S290) is a 230AH 6V Lead Acid battery deep cycle battery that features a high cycle life with thick positive plates and a large liquid reserve.

Surrette Rolls S6-L16-HC 445AH 6VDC Flooded Battery

The new Surrette Rolls S6 L16 HC (formerly S-550) is an improved 6-Volt deep cycle battery with 445 Amp Hour capacity at 20 hour rate. It features thick, positive plates and large liquid reserve for high cycles. The container is built with a lightweight and strong container with integrated rope handles.